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Awareness of Warning Symptoms of Heart Disease and Stroke: Results of a Follow-up Study of the Chinese Canadian Cardiovascular Health Project

Our original pilot study in 2008 demonstrated a poor degree of awareness of heart disease and stroke among Chinese Canadians, warranting an updated survey of their knowledge. We sought to determine the current degree of knowledge of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, among ethnic Chinese residents of Canada. Here the link for Details: Study Details


Our Association is cordially invite all of you to attend our 2020 Webinar – COVID-19 and your Health on October 7, 2020 Wednesday at 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Our Presenters are professional health care providers and doctors in Toronto, Canada. It is conducted in Mandarin

Collect COVID-19 race-based data

TORONTO — Every health unit in Ontario could soon be collecting race-based data on the COVID-19 pandemic after the provincial government announced Monday it would act on the advice of community leaders and public health experts who want the figures tracked.

Cardiovascular Disease Mgmt during COVID-19

This is an interview from CareFirst Seniors with Dr. Chi Ming Chow about the Cardiovascular Disease Management during COVID-19. During the interview, Dr. Chow talked about the statistics in Canada and the world case. He also cover the topics on early stage case fatality rate by underlying health condition in china, rare disease in children possibly caused by COVID-19, different stage of waves during the pandemic, etc.

Inspirations from COVID-19

Inspirations from COVID-19 is a series of online interview program conducted by TorontoTV. On May 15, 2020, TorontoTV interviewed Dr. Joseph Y. Chu, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FAHA, FAAN, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology) – University of Toronto,Chair of Research, Chinese Canadian Heart and Brain Association. The interview was conducted in Cantonese. It covered varies topics : Firstly. the situation in the hospital in Toronto. Second, due to the social distance requirement, ways of providing medical consultation is changed. Fourth, he also talked about the complications of the patients on COVID19, heart and brain. Lastly, he discussed about the plans to do research on race/ethnicity of COVID-19

10 Management and Wellness Tips For Patients With Neurologic Disorders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Management for patients with neurologic disorders. It is very important to maintain good health habits and follow the recommendations from your family physicians and specialists to avoid any complications due to improper measures. Also, it is also essential that one should not be avoiding calling for emergency service due to worries about contracting COVID19 when brought to the hospital for assessment. In particular, if someone is experiencing symptoms of a stroke, (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) calling 911 and seeking immediate emergency assessment at the hospital is vital to reduce morbidity and mortality. There had been many scientific studies that have shown that the earlier the intervention is provided to stroke patients, the better will be the outcome. The following are 10 helpful wellness tips :