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10 Management and Wellness Tips For Patients With Neurologic Disorders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
University of Toronto
Chair of Research, Chinese Canadian Heart and Brain Association

Here are some health and wellness tips and suggestions for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Management for patients with neurologic disorders. It is very important to maintain good health habits and follow the recommendations from your family physicians and specialists to avoid any complications due to improper measures. Also, it is also essential that one should not be avoiding calling for emergency service due to worries about contracting COVID19 when brought to the hospital for assessment. In particular, if someone is experiencing symptoms of a stroke, (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) calling 911 and seeking immediate emergency assessment at the hospital is vital to reduce morbidity and mortality. There had been many scientific studies that have shown that the earlier the intervention is provided to stroke patients, the better will be the outcome.

The following are 10 helpful wellness tips :

COVID-19 and Wellness

(1) Maintain a daily routine: Maintaining a regular wake and sleep schedule is very important for both the body and the mind. Excessive sleeping or staying in bed will promote depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

(2) Exercise regularly at home: Staying home will reduce the risk of community transmission of the virus but regular daily exercise will help to maintain body fitness and reduce stress and anxiety.

(3) Maintain a healthy diet: Eating a balanced meal and maintaining proper hydration is a very important foundation to maintain a healthy immune system to fight off any virus or bacterial infections. Drinking plenty of fluids will prevent dehydration and damage to our kidneys.

(4) Maintain social connectivity by phone or internet: Due to social distancing and self-isolation, it is very important to maintain regular contact with your loved ones, your relatives and friends. This will help to create optimism and reduce the chance of becoming lonely, anxious and depressed. With modern technology and video chat easily
available, we can all share our inner feelings with those who will listen.

(5)Take time to relax and reflex: Now that most of the activities are in our home, we should use this opportunity to reflect and relax with our family.

(6) Maintain contact with your health careproviders: Many of the primary care providers such as family doctors and specialists are using modern technology to provide virtual care. Although you may not be seeing your doctors in person, using this virtual technology is the
safest and best way to be intact with your health care providers. With video-conferencing, other family members can also join in during the interview and discussions with your doctors.

(7) Do not forget to take your medications as recommended: Many unproven and myths are circulating about prevention and treatment for COVID-19 but please check with your health care providers before starting or stopping your medications. Stopping essential medications without the prior approval of your doctor may cause serious consequences and complications.

(8) Seek emotional support: That may come from your loved ones, close relatives and good friends and neighbours. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and we all need to support each other during these most challenging times.

(9) Be cautious about false and unproven information: It is particularly important during these times to question the evidence of unproven information and myths you come across, be that from word of mouth, reading in the news or on the internet. Trust information and recommendations from your local public health authorities and your health care providers. They are the authorities on the proper prevention and management of COVID19 infections.

(10) REMAIN CALM: You are not the only person who is enduring this unprecedented time of this global health crisis. TOGETHER, with all the proper public health measures and government support, we will all endure and recover from this pandemic!

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